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Lights! Camera! Action! The Kréyol International Film Festival (KIFF) is gearing up for its first edition, and we need your support to make it an unforgettable event. We invite you to join our crowdfunding campaign and become a part of this exciting cinematic journey.

From September 8th to 10th, 2023, the Lincoln cinema on Champs Elysées in Paris will come alive with captivating films from around the world. Don’t miss this exceptional first edition! Come and experience a unique cinematic journey at the Kréyol International Film Festival in Paris!

The Kréyol International Film Festival is more than just a film festival. It is an event that celebrates diversity, resilience, and human creativity. With Creole as a symbol of resilience and unity, we showcase films that explore this unique language and the cultures surrounding it.

This incredible cinematic edition will take you on a journey through the Caribbean, Africa, Latin America, and many other regions. Expect moving stories, endearing characters, and unique landscapes. Each screening will be followed by engaging discussions with directors, actors, and experts, offering you an immersive and enriching experience.

But to make this festival a resounding success, we need your support. Join our crowdfunding campaign on HelloAsso and become a part of this cinematic adventure! Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal and allows us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to a unique cultural event. Your support will help us showcase emerging talents, promote intercultural dialogue, and strengthen the bonds between communities through the universal language of cinema.

Your support is essential in helping us realize our vision. Let’s celebrate the richness of diversity and create cinematic memories that will stay with us forever. Let’s write the history of the Kréyol International Film Festival and celebrate the beauty of diversity through the power of cinema.

Join us and contribute to make the Kréyol International Film Festival an incredibly impactful event! Join us now and be a part of this unforgettable cinematic experience at the Kréyol International Film Festival! 🌴🎥✨

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